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Welcome to Östansjö - A Community Close to Nature

Östansjö is beautifully surrounded by mountains and forests in the south and a ridge in the north. The little lake of Bäcksjön lays like mirror in the middle of the community, and it becomes a popular place to be for the many families living here during the hot summer months of the year.
The untouched nature has always placed an important role in the community. People living here has always appreciatet and cherised the beauty of the nature. Sports like cross country running and skiing have deep traditions in Östansjö.
You can also find plenty of hiking or walking paths on which you can meet the locals and many people coming to Östansjö just to hike in the area.
Östansjö sits on shoreline of lake Ancylussjön, which is a remnant of our last iceage (about 9,000 years ago). You can still see many traces and marks that the continental ice left behind when walking around this lake. The nature around Östansjö is very dynamic with plenty of mountains, deciduous and coniferous woods, and fields of wild flowers.
Östansjö belongs to the Viby parish and has always been an agricultural area. For example, it was a large farm, Östansjö Gård, that gave the community its name. The actual village of Östansjö grew up around the railroad in the 19th century (the local railroad was completed August 1, 1862). Östansjö's first trainstation was named Laggartorp and was built just west of where Östansjö is found today.
Wherever you go in Östansjö you will find houses with beautiful gardens, and the people here seems to be inspired by the garden styles that have been here since the beginning of the century.
Many families have moved to Östansjö to find a safe and friendly place to raise their children, and they have been far from disappointed. Östansjö offers great opportunities for children to prosper and develop in peace and harmony. The community really comes together around the children's laughter and cheers from playing in the parks, fields, or gyms. Children have an easy time to find friends, and schools and daycare centers are located in the middle of the community.

Being close is an important concept for people in Östansjö.
* Close to work: Hallsberg - 10 minutes, Örebro - 25 minutes, Stockholm - 90 minutes.
* Close to nature: walking, hiking, lakes, and mountains
* Close to hobbies: Sports, churches, and cultural events
* Close to gymnasiums, ice rinks, swimming pools (Hallsberg, 10 mins), golf courses (Åmmeberg or Kumla, 15 mins).
* Close to daycare, school, library, etc
* Close to each other: Our families know each other, and we work together to provide safety and happiness for our children and their friends.
* Close to shopping and entertainment (Örebro and Marieberg, 20 mins)
* Close to information and influence: People in Östansjö frequently meet in the "Östansjö Forum" to discuss issues and direction of the community

For you who may be looking for a place to live, swim, hike, or picnic, come to Östansjö and we will greet you with open arms. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!

Östansjö About Östansjö
-   Östansjö is located 5 miles west of Hallsberg, along the railroad and E20 stretching from Stockholm-Gothenburg.
-   Örebro is the closest city, 22 miles
-   The high-low points are 560 ft and 290 ft above sea level
-   Population: 1295
-   Households: 350
-   Daycare centers: 2. Schools: Elementary and middle
-   Junior high and highschool located in Hallsberg
-   About 50 businesses in the community
-   About 20 Associations
-   Retirementliving and assisted living services
-   Frequent buses to Hallsberg, Örebro
-   Library, community building, youth center, soccer and track field, etc.
-   Convenience store, gas stations, nursery, etc.